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Translation involves forging a link between source and target languages. The aim is to eliminate all traces of translation so that the reader reckons he/she is reading the text authored in his/her mother tongue.
Beyond simple linguistic adaptation, translation mus be based on not only in-depth knowledge of both languages, but also mastery of the source language subtleties, thereby reproducing them in the target language.
Our client base includes engineering practices, manufacturers, research centers, various international institutions, service providers and multiple translation agencies.
TradDirect's offer includes drafting, translating and proofreading all commercial, technical, consultancy and legal documents in English and German as well as French-Englisg and French-German consecutive interpretation and in-house language tuition (in groups or one-to-one).


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    Our offer :

  • Writing, translation and proofreading of all commercial, technical, advisory and contractual documents in English and German (native languages).
  • Liaison and consecutive interpreting in French-English and French-German.
  • In-house language training (group or one-to-one).
    Areas of specialization :

  • Civil Engineering and Building
  • Industrial Engineering and Automation
  • Electricity, Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Geotechnics and Environment
  • Safety and Maintenance
  • Patents
  • Standards and standardized documents
  • Occupational Safety and Occupational Medicine
  • Tourism
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Machine tools
    Our customers :

  • Industrial groups and exporting companies
  • Design offices
  • Consulting firms
  • Communication agencies
  • Research centers
  • Administration


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